Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ci 12 Color Block

Colors play a big part in the way we view and perceive images. A color image verses a black and white image can give two totally different feels to the same image. Just like certain colors specifically can give different feels. I found that in the end half of my images looked 'happy' and half looked 'sad'/'lonely' in a way. The brighter colors like cyan, yellow, green, bright orange and blue are 'happy' colors because they brighten up the image and draw the eye. The dark green, blue and soft orange in the other images were dull colors which gave them more of a down feeling. All colors have feelings linked to them, the brighter the happier and the darker the more sad, scared or angry they are. We automatically link red to love and romance, yellow to happiness, etc. When shooting the fish cracker I thought it would have gave a happy feeling, but as I tried to capture it, it ended up looking more lonely than anything. So I crushed the cracker which gave it even more of that sad and lonely feeling to the entire image, and to me this proves even though we have these feelings we automatically link to the colors, it doesn't mean that that is the only way they can be perceived. Color is only on part of an image, yes it helps us determine how a photo makes us feel, but it also depends on all the other design elements in the photo. Although I would definitely say color is one of the most important elements in an image because it has the greatest effect on how we read the image!

Cyan: Bright, Happy, makes me want to eat it!

Orange: Sad, Lonely, I feel bad for this little fishy!

Blue: Strong, Bold, but for some reason frightened!? I don't know why, but I think the depth of field and tonal perspective (?) give it that mysterious feeling as well.

Green: Sad, Lonely, Unwanted. Makes it feel forgotten.

Complimentary (orange/blue): Happy, Excited, Energetic. A Strong, Big flower!

Harmonious(yellow/greenyellow): Happy, Bright, Playful and Fun! Love how the one yellow one sticks out!!!

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