Sunday, September 27, 2009

Working the subject... 100 creative ways!

I was lucky enough that my three objects for this assignment fit quite well together. Sure a dinosaur talking on an old school telephone sitting on awesome chair isn't super typical, but it worked. I found that most of my shots focused on the dinosaur and the telephone the most. The chair was harder to get more close up, different and interesting angles of, that is why almost all of the pictures don't really involve the chair I guess! I tried to get 100 completely different shots all together, but it was tough. Some look a little similar, but I tried my best to make them all unique even though near the end that was extremely hard to do. It was fun doing this assignment because it was different than a lot of our other work so far this year. In stead of going out in The Exchange or just out and about finding things to shoot, we knew exactly what our pictures needed to be of and had it all right in front of us. It is also a lot different than photographing people when you shoot still life because with people you change there pose, their expression or their settings to make a new photo, but with still life you mostly change you and your camera's angle/position to find a new photo of the objects. This is something fun and important to learn because you are always trying to take that new, interesting and unique photo, and you never know what you may be asked to shoot next. This exercise has began to teach and make me think about doing this more often while taking photos and it also helped me clear my mind because I was able to completely focus on the assignment and nothing else while doing it! 

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

DT 2.1 Lines

I would say one of my biggest challenges of this assignment was thinking of a place where I could go to shoot many different kinds of lines. Then I realized that I didn't even need to leave my own house! Almost everything is made up of lines, or many objects can form lines. After a while it was difficult to find different ways to portray lines. The shots of the piano and the guitar are much more interesting shots because I looked deeper into the object to find the lines in them. Compare these shots to the ones of the boards on the side of my house, well they are only.... boards! There isn't much you can do to try and take a interesting and different photo of a board, there are only so many different options and angles. The deeper you look into an object the more interesting of a shot you can capture. Lines are quite typical because you can find them anywhere; lines on the street, boards on the side of the house, the back of a chair, but the deeper you look at an object the more you can find within!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hi. My name is Kaitlyn!

I would have to say my favourite genre of photography would be portraits & weddings, as well as nature shots such as flowers, insects and anything outdoors. Right now these are my favourtie because they are what I have most experience with, but I am sure over time as I get into new genres I'll start to like them all. Oh, and I have a great love of macro shots!

I hope to become an expert on all technical aspects of photography, seeing as I know absolutely NOTHING about it and have only been shooting in program/auto since the beginning because I have no idea about the rest. You need more than just a good eye to take a great picture, and I can't wait to have the whole package!

My best photography related memory was being asked by a complete stranger to shoot their wedding, after they had only seen my work in a piczo website that I had created to showcase my work to riends and family. I am still not even sure how they came across my website, but it was the most amazing feeling ever! This all happened probably about a year after I got into photography, and that was the moment I knew I wanted to shoot photos for the rest of my life!