Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Christmas Holidays!

The last thing that my christmas holidays were was a break! Those were definitely 3
extremely busy weeks filled with lots of family, friends, and .... HOMEWORK!!! But, I did my to fit in as many fun/relaxing/exciting activities as a could to enjoy my time away from school! Here are a few of the things i did;

So one of the first things I did was head out and get all my christmas shopping done, it wasn't easy but at least if was kinda fun! I went all over from the malls to the Forks, and this was just a cute frog I had seen a little girl staring at. Although I waited until she was gone because I didn't want to be the creeper at the toy store taking pictures of the children! haha

One of my favorite things on earth are pickles!!! And my parents actually bought me a pickle wearing a santa hat for the christmas tree this year! It is like the best tree ornament EVER!

Every year my mom bakes the best sugar cookies at christmas time. When I was younger I always used to help her out, but as I grew older it wasn't always possible. So it was really good to be able to have a chance to help her out again this year!

My boyfriend's friend got a tattoo over the holidays and wanted some people to go with him, so we both went and sat with him for the entire 5 hours. It was a long time, but I got some awesome shots and we kept him company!

I have always wanted to take pictures of snowflakes because they are so unique and wonderful! I spent some time one afternoon shooting these little miracles and got some really amazing photos!

The holidays are a busy season for everyone and since my family and I don't have the same schedules they weren't always home when I was, but my cats were always around doing something crazy! If you had trouble finding Cali, she was always hiding underneath the christmas tree!

Even if my family wasn't home it was good to be able to not have to worry about getting up early every morning for school. It was nice to sleep in and take your time doing things. I gave my mom a hand putting up christmas decorations and minutes later I found Kaspurr hiding in them!

Every year we have an annual holiday dinner with our family friends, we alternate who's house it is at each year and this year it was out at my Auntie Lori's. I love going out to her house in Oak Bank because she has a beautiful yard with two horses who I used to ride when I was younger. I love getting a chance to see them whenever I can. This is a photo of Sarah and as you can tell, she isn't camera shy!

One night we had a family game night. We pulled out our version of Monopoly, the Corvette Version because we have a Corvette and my parents are car fanatics! I hadn't played Monopoly in forever and guess who won? That's right... ME!!! wooo

Finally one of the last days of the holidays we had a christmas party at my dance teachers house. Being at the end of the break all of the girls in my group were warn out from too much partying and what not, so they wouldn't let me take any pictures of them. That sucked, but I fell in love with the chandelier in my dance teachers dining room. I dunno what was so special about it, I guess I just hadn't seen one like that in a while, but I think I took at least 50 pictures of it.

Yes my christmas holidays were busy, but none the less some great times!

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