Thursday, April 15, 2010

Color Film Adventures!!!

So over spring break our Analogue Techniques assignment was to shoot a roll of color film on any theme that we choose and we had the entire week to shoot it! Well, I spent most of my spring break inside stuck in bed because I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed the Friday that spring break began! Not fun!!! :( It took me almost the whole week to recover and when I was finally feeling well enough to get out of the house I wanted to shoot outdoors, after a week of being cooped up inside! So I guess my theme would be the outdoors, but I specifically shot in two different locations that were as far away as I could get at the time! I don't know if any of you have noticed the pond/rock/water thingy at the corner where Kenaston turns into Bishop Grandin, but is is an awesome spot just to go to get away even though it is still inside the city! Plus there isn't much access to get there, but one of my friend's back yards goes onto that field, so I always have a place to escape to! It was the perfect time of the year that the water from the stream was just peaking through the rocks to get some awesome shots, but also a few wet toes! And we also went on a little road trip all the way down Brady Road... well I guess you can't really call it a road trip per say because it only connects Mcgillvary to the Perimeter Hwy right by Brady Land fill ( Oh the adventures of the south end of the city!!!) but, there are some awesome trees down Brady to shoot, so its so worth the far travels! hahaha It was definitely nice to get out of the house after being cooped up for dayyss! And even though I couldn't drive to these locations because I was still under the influence of T3's and what not... I still was able to take some shots, thank god I had my friends around!!!

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